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Circus Skill Workshops

With Brillo The Clown

Circus Skill Workshops

Let them Enjoy all the Thrills, of Learning these New Circus Skills
Let them entertain you with the skills they learn in these fun-packed workshops, specially created to be safe, comedic and action packed.

A typical nine-year-old (or older) should learn to catch three balls in one two hour session, whilst younger ones enjoy playing with the equipment.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can easily combine a workshop with a 45 minute show and parachute games for younger children.

Workshops can be booked for:

·       Tightrope (low level and safe)

·       Unicycle

·       Juggling

·       Spinning Plates

·       Rola Bola

·       Diablo

Contact Me Now to create the workshop you want them to enjoy.


What people say about Brillo The Clown, Children’s Entertainer

“...by far the best children's entertainer we have used at the school.”
-Horniman School Worthing

“...I can't recommend this clown enough.”
- Simon Turner (very satisfied parent)

“His hair is all dark underneath and then he has blond floppy bits on top. He's good fun.”
- Cory aged 5

“Why are you dressed like that?”
-HRH Prince Phillip at Dorking Festival