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Children's Parties

Brillo The Clown

Children’s Parties

Throw a Party with such Ease, with Fun and Happy Memoriesbrillo-the-clown
The easiest way to throw a children’s party they will love.

From 4 to 9-year-olds, they’re sure to have heaps of fun as they enjoy clowning, juggling, unicycling. And the Birthday Girl or Boy gets to launch a custard pie in Brillo’s face, a memory they are sure to enjoy.

Younger than 4? Contact me for a special quote.


45 minute show involving:

  • Clowning
  • Clown magic
  • Juggling
  • Miniature unicycling
  • A custard pie in Brillo’s face at the end

Balloons for You, with OPTION 2 – £125
1 hour show

  • Includes everything in ‘Option 1’ plus:
  • 15 minutes of balloon animals for all the children.
  • Over 30 different animals in 17 colours.

Hear their Glee, play OPTION 3 – £155
90 Minute Show

  • Includes everything in ‘Option 2’ plus:
  • 30 minutes of parachute games involving all the children.
  • Usually performed as follows.
  • First the show starts 10 minutes after the start of the party (because some kids are late, and they all have to get coats off).
  • Next a 20 minute break whilst the children eat and sing Happy Nirthday
  • Followed by 30 minutes of parachute games
  • Then 15 minutes of balloon animals.

The Circus and More, its OPTION 4 – £190
2 hour show

  • Includes everything in ‘Option 3’ plus:
  • A circus workshop using:
  • A low-level freestanding tightrope
  • Juggling
  • Spinning plates.
  • Balloons are made whilst the children eat.

Call me now to make YOUR child’s party easy for you and fun for them.


What people say about Brillo The Clown, Children’s Entertainer

“...by far the best children's entertainer we have used at the school.”
-Horniman School Worthing

“...I can't recommend this clown enough.”
- Simon Turner (very satisfied parent)

“His hair is all dark underneath and then he has blond floppy bits on top. He's good fun.”
- Cory aged 5

“Why are you dressed like that?”
-HRH Prince Phillip at Dorking Festival